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Channel Manager - How to configure?

Channel Manager allows synchronization with Booking, AirBnB and other platforms.

The platform provided a free booking channel that is in the Beta version.

With this channel it is possible to manage the reservations for multiple accommodations and generate from the reservation the guests' accommodation bulletins or send the guests access links so that they can fill out their bulletins and later be communicated to SEF.

The booking channel allows synchronization with the most popular booking platforms, namely Booking, AirBnB, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and Expedia.

In this way, an owner of local accommodation, hotel or rural tourism can easily manage the reservations of each hotel that he owns.

1. How to configure with reservation platforms?

a) Access the Channel Manager Menu and click on “Synchronize Calendars”.

b) Select the Hotel Unit and the Reservation Platform.

c) Then you only have to insert the link of the Ical file provided by the reservation platform.

d) Put the connection in the "On" state.

2. How to obtain the url of the Ical file?

Each booking platform has its own mode. To find out, just click on the “here” link to access the reservation channel's own page that contains a detailed explanation.

After synchronization, the recently registered reservations will be available in Channel Manager. Each reservation will contain the logo of the respective reservation channel.

Easy and simple. Try it for free!

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