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How to register your Hotel Unit at SEF?

Initial registration on SEF, step by step.

Registration on SEF is mandatory, by portuguese law, for all entities operating hotel units or similars (Per Example: Local Lodging, Rural Tourism, etc.).

In order to use the features of the SIBAGO.PT platform, it will be necessary to have this registration carried out in order to be able to communicate accommodation bulletins to SEF.

Registration with SEF is done through the SIBA - Accommodation Bulletin Information System platform, by filling out an application.

If you have not yet registered, you must register using the following steps:

1 - Access the following SEF page

2 - Fill in all indicated fields:

a) Tax identification number (TIN).

b) Economic Activity Code.

c) Typology / Classification - indicate the modality in which you registered your LA.

d) Name of the Unit - must be the same name you entered when registering your AL with Turismo de Portugal.

e) Operating Entity - must be filled in with the name associated with the TIN identified at the beginning of the registration.

f) Zip Code - Only after filling in the zip code will the address and location of the accommodation be obtained. At that time, it will be possible to edit the address field, which you can change and complete with more information (For example the Door and Floor Number).

g) Telephone.

h) Fax - Although it contains (*) mandatory filling, it is possible to complete the registration without this field filled in since the Fax is an out-of-use means of communication, and not all units have it.

i) Contact Name - Indicate the name of the contact person with SEF.

j) Email Contact.

h) Sending Bulletins by: Uploading files / Web Service / Page on the Portal - Select Web Service option.

To be able to use the SIBAGO.PT platform, registration must be done with the Selected "Web Service" option.

After filling in, just press the "Send" button and your registration will be completed. You will receive within 1 to 3 working days a Letter by email of the SEF reply with the confirmation of the Registration and the login credentials for communication with the SEF.

The letter will have the following form: 

Remember that, if the letter does not mention that the communication is via "Web Services", it will not be possible to make the communication through SIBAGO.PT. 

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